We live in a trauma-filled world.

Often we are inadvertently hurting ourselves, our colleagues and our clients if we have not invested in learning about the effects of trauma on people, our workspaces and our communities. Trauma shows up in all sorts of ways. 

Join us as we learn and work to change the world.

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Our business is making your business work in and for your community by setting your staff up for success in their roles. No organization is exactly alike so we believe in working with each client individually to determine the best course of action for your organization and staff team. We are prepared to help you at any level from individual coaching, tailored staff trainings and/or board trainings to program and training audits in order to help your team better serve your community.

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Kiongozi means Leader in Swahili. Whether you are a school, a non-profit or an individual together, we can create a training plan tailored to the needs and experiences of your team. Specializing in social service organizations we are about creating relationships with our clients in order to determine what works for you and your budget. Let's create a training plan that works to bring your staff to the next level of leadership, creates awareness about how trauma effects your clientele and how your team can learn how not to re-traumatize those who need our services most. Our goal is to help you to better serve your clients and communities.


With over 30 years in non-profit management, as well as an MS in Marriage and Family Counseling, Kristen has spent much of her career learning and training others in leadership. In addition to her extensive management experience she is a licensed foster parent having adopted two children through the foster system. This lived experience as well as her career serving various underserved communities has lead her to specializing in working with vulnerable communities with a trauma informed approach. Kristen is passionate about teaching people how childhood trauma shows up in children and in adults in service of your team and your clients.

The single most important thing we need today is the courage to look this problem in the face and say this is real and this is all of us.” ~ Dr. Nadine Burke Harris


"I am so grateful to you - what a masterful retreat."

facilitation client
"Thought-provoking and informative training. I liked how Kristen weaved in her personal stories that made this more relatable."
"This training opened up a new meaning for me in how I work with my clients and interact with my peers."

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